Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Newsweek recently published an opinion article that looks at the role artists could play if they had access to data and tech infrastructure to make cities more liveable. From the article:

So why then shouldn't the technology being incorporated into smart cities help creative people fulfill their potential? "A smart city should be designed to solve for not just infrastructure needs, but for what kind of city citizens want to live in," James Hanusa, an artist and smart cities adviser, told me. In almost all cases, that includes a thriving cultural and artistic community.

To ensure smart cities have a human heart, urban planners should center artists from the jump by creating a welcoming, collaborative environment that provides access to the technology and infrastructure that they need to express their creativity.

Pictured: “Murmur Wall” by Future Cities Lab, a Public Art Network Year in Review honoree. Photo by Peter Prato. 

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Ben Plomion