Celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month on Instagram!

Show Your Art is a social media campaign designed to engage arts advocates on local, state, and national levels, and to bring awareness of National Arts and Humanities Month to the public. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to share images on Instagram, and we repost some of our favorites throughout the month.

This year's campaign, #ShowYourArt2019, will once again feature a unique theme every day in October, with new personal prompts like Art that Changed Me, On My Bookshelf, and I Made This! to inspire you to express yourself. Download the theme graphic here (PDF version here) and please share widely on the web and social media to challenge your stakeholders and followers to join in the fun!

Another way we're celebrating is by joining forces with the National Humanities Alliance on four collaborative prompts—Past, Present, Future; Inspired by ...; Cultural Heritage; and Advocacy—that are tailor-made to show off the beauty of both the arts and the humanities. Look for those themes every Friday in October!


Connect with us and with the celebration across social media!

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