Frequently Asked Questions - Congress

See our list of Americans for the Arts state arts advocacy captains. They typically are working on state-level advocacy, and are the lead contact for federal advocacy also.

There are many members from both parties of Congress who support the arts and arts education. In general, members of the House Congressional Arts Caucus, the Congressional STEAM Caucus, and the Senate Cultural Caucus are among the most visible supporters.

No, we advocate on a diversity of issues relevant to nonprofits and the creative industry.

These issues range from supporting the charitable deduction in tax policy, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, driving economic development, encouraging arts education reform, ensuring access to affordable technology and communications, protecting intellectual property, and improving travel and tourism policy.

First, take a look at our Arts Legislation page to see bills that have affected the arts. Then, view our archive of "Dear Colleague" letters.

Over the years, Americans for the Arts sent regular updates to congressional staff - please contact our Congress team to access this archival information.