We’re committed to serving all communities, including those with limited resources. Fees range from $500–$20,000 and are negotiated based on availability of preferred speakers and the actual cost of travel and accommodations.

Americans for the Arts staff can speak about Arts & Culture field trends, especially from the national perspective. Additionally, staff have specific areas of expertise they can address. See the list below to find out what AFTA staff can talk to your group about. We are also happy to explore a different topic or customize a speech for your audience. Please contact us for more information about bringing a speaker to your community.

Robert L. Lynch, President & CEO

  • The Arts in America – national trends
  • Arts & Economic Prosperity
  • Federal legislative policy updates
  • Private Sector support for the arts

Mara Walker, Chief Operating Officer

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational management
  • Staff and board management
  • Strategic planning

Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs & Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund

  • The Arts in America – national trends
  • Federal legislative policy updates
  • Political action for the arts

Randy Cohen, Vice President of Research and Policy

  • The Arts in America – national trends
  • Arts & Economic Prosperity and the creative economy
  • Building the habit of advocacy
  • Making the case for the arts—social, educational, economic
  • Trends in public and private sector arts funding

Clayton W. Lord, Vice President of Local Arts Advancement

  • Arts, empathy, and the brain
  • Communicating about the arts
  • Cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • The History of Arts in America (find title of book)
  • Social impact and the role of the arts in other sectors

Barbara Schaffer Bacon Pam Korza, Co-Directors of Animating Democracy

  • Aesthetics perspectives: attributes of excellence in community-based arts
  • Artist-municipal partnerships: artists working with & within municipal government
  • Arts and civic engagement: the power and potential
  • Arts and social change
  • Creative community engagement
  • Engaging audiences: making arts participation meaningful

Kelly Fey Bolender, Arts Education Program Manager

  • Arts education advocacy
  • Arts education policy
  • Arts education program administration and management
  • College and career readiness through the arts
  • Creative youth development
  • Equity and inclusivity in arts education and arts for young audiences
  • Youth employment
  • Youth leadership development

Lauren Cohen, Federal Affairs and Grassroots Senior Coordinator

  • Federal legislative policy updates
  • Grassroots advocacy training: how to advocate at home and in Washington, D.C.

Jay Dick, Senior Director of State and Local Government Affairs

  • Arts and community development
  • Arts and the environment
  • Arts & Economic Prosperity
  • Effective arts advocacy 
  • Arts, health, and the military
  • Federal, state, and local government update
  • State and local legislative strategies

Peter Gordon, Director of Federal Affairs

  • Engaging with congressional offices
  • Federal legislative policy updates
  • Federal tax policy

Ruby Lopez Harper, Director of Local Arts Services

  • Building brand advocates – how to build your cheerleaders
  • Cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Fundraising – activating your board
  • Local arts agencies – where to start, why to start, how to keep it going
  • Storytelling – utilizing advocacy and data to make your case

Cristyn Johnson, Local Arts Advancement Program Manager

  • Aesthetics perspectives: attributes of excellence in community-based arts
  • Arts-based community development
  • Arts & Economic Prosperity
  • Community engagement
  • Cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Social impact of the arts
  • Supporting individual artists

Emma Osore, Program Manager, Equity in Arts Leadership

  • Creating and managing arts administration internships and fellowships
  • Cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Recruiting and selecting candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in arts management

Jessica Stern, Private Sector Initiatives Program Manager

  • Arts and business partnerships
  • The pARTnership Movement
  • Engaging business employees with the arts
  • Establishing partnerships with chambers of commerce

Patricia Walsh, Public Art and Civic Design Senior Program Manager

  • Arts and culture in urban planning and civic design
  • Best practices in public art
  • Developing public art programs
  • Integrating public art into the built environment
  • National trends in public art and civic design (PAN Year in Review)
  • Public art and real estate development
  • Public art and transportation
  • The role public art plays in communities

Amy Webb, Director of Business Programs and Partnerships

Marete Wester, Senior Director, Arts Policy and National Initiative for Arts & Health in the Military

  • Arts and health across the military continuum
  • International cultural engagement: policy and practice
  • Public private sector partnerships

Please contact us for more information about services for your community.