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Welcome to Americans for the Arts Online Directories.To list your Organization in one or more of our directories please follow the steps below. We currently have the following online searchable directories.

  • Art Services Directory
  • Public Art Program Directory
  • Public Art Services Directory
  • Arts & Military Services Directory

Search the directories by clicking the links to the left. If you encounter problems with your listng, please e-mail for assistance. Thank you for including your organization in the directories.

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This will be your individual acccount which will be linked to your current organizations account. Your individual account will follow you through out your career as you share your talent with other organizations.


Search for your current Organization

Now that you've logged as yourself, search for your Organizaton. Many arts organizations are already in our database so lets see if yours is already entered.

Type your Organizations name in the field below. if you see your organization's name, click the Edit link it to update your organizations record. If you don't see an Edit link by your organization's name, e-mail to be given access to update your organization's directory listing.


Your Organizations comes up but you can only View the listing, e-mail and ask for Edit privileges.

Can't find your Organization, click the button below to create your organizations record and directory listing.