Literature Review

Want to read more about the numbers and statistics behind cultural districts across the country? As part of the National Cultural Districts Exchange, a literature review was developed to be a comprehensive resource that summarizes scholarly materials on the topic of cultural districts in the United States. Download - Literature Review (pdf, 2.86MB)

Phone Survey

We conducted an internal online survey of 500+ cultural districts and then selected some survey respondents to be part of a phone interview. This report details the results from the phone survey, and provides wonderful examples of work in cultural districts across the country directly from those involved in the project. Download - Phone Survey (pdf, 6.38MB)

Issue Briefs

As part of the National Cultural Districts Exchange, Americans for the Arts commissioned five issue brief essays spanning the intricacies of arts, entertainment, and cultural districts specifically for policymakers, arts leaders, planning p九龙高手水心论坛精选, community development practitioners, and others interested in developing new cultural districts or adapting exiting ones.

coverFinancing, Funding & Sustaining

Looking for information on the financing, funding, and sustainability of cultural districts across the country? Download - Art and Cultural Districts: Financing, Funding, and Sustaining Them (pdf, 445KB)


coverCreating Capacity

Curious about how cultural districts are run, governed, and organized once they are developed? This issue brief focuses on the central topic of district management. Download - Creating Capacity: Strategic Approaches to Managing Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Districts (pdf, 673KB)


coverBenefits and Drivers

This issue brief looks at several unique Cultural Districts in the United States that are at different stages of development and explores benefits to artists, residents, and others. Download - Cultural Districts: Bottom-up/Top-Down Drivers (pdf, 630KB)


coverCultural Tourism

How does a cultural-tourism-focused cultural district help local artists and arts organizations? This issue brief focuses on communities that have developed cultural districts for the purpose of attracting the cultural tourist. Download - Cultural Tourism: Attracting Visitors and Their Spending (pdf, 605KB)


coverStatewide Data Collection

Learn more about state’s existing data collection practices, including challenges with data collection and dissemination. How do these efforts assist states in assessing cultural districts and their efficacy? Download - State Cultural Districts: Policies, Metrics, and Evaluation (pdf, 358KB)