Americans for the Arts envisions an America where every child has access to—and takes part in—high quality and lifelong learning experiences in the arts, both in school and in the community.  We believe that learning in the arts enables every individual to develop the critical thinking, collaborative, and creative skills necessary to succeed in the ever changing diverse and global economies of today’s world. 

Through the Arts Education Network, Americans for the Arts provides arts education p九龙高手水心论坛精选 with professional development opportunities as well as tools and resources  needed to strengthen arts education in their own communities. Members of the Arts Education Network are professional members of Americans for the Arts, and represent a cross-section of arts education leaders, including arts administrators, teaching artists, school administrators, and representatives from higher education.

The Arts Education Council, an advisory body elected by the Network, provides guidance on the development and execution of programs and services that meet the needs of these arts education p九龙高手水心论坛精选 nationwide.

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Yesterday, an Education Commission of the States staff member with the memorable name of Claus von Zastrow published a blog reporting the findings...

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I attended the 2019 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was amazing to be in a place with thousands of other arts supporters and enthusiasts. I was among artists, researchers, educators, community organizations, politicians, board members, and so many others....

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九龙高手水心论坛精选" target="_blank">From the Barre to the Boardroom: The Power of Arts-Based Learning for Business P九龙高手水心论坛精选

Arts education certainly doesn鈥檛 have to (and really shouldn鈥檛) end after high school. At least that鈥檚 our belief at COCAbiz, the arts-based business training division of COCA-Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis. COCAbiz provides immersive arts-based training, programming, and...

Oct 30, 2019

Voting for Americans for the Arts' new advisory council members is open through November 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET. Voting is restricted to members of Americans for the Arts.

Sep 16, 2019

Would you like to take on an active role as a member of Americans for the Arts? Or know of a standout arts professional from your community whose ideas could benefit the field? Americans for the Arts wants you! Nomination deadline is Oct. 4, 2019.

Aug 19, 2019

The National Assessment Governing Board unexpectedly announced a substantial change to their 10-year schedule for administering the "Nation's Report Card" in various subjects, including the arts. An open response letter, drafted by Americans for the Arts and other organizations, is available for any education/arts education organization to sign-on.

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Nov 25, 2019
Neuroscience has demonstrated that listening to or playing music has a real effect on brain waves and patterns. This is most directly applicable to music therapy, but what about music education? Current research implies that studying music can help children develop spatial reasoning and listening skills and improve their concentration, but more study is needed to fully understand this relationship.
Apr 06, 2018

More than 28 states have adopted new arts education standards since 2014. The NCCAS report includes a comprehensive list of states that have revised their arts standards and an up-to-date status of other states that are currently working on standards revision. 

Apr 06, 2018

The Blueprint builds on the 2014 Collective Action for Youth Agenda by prioritizing three strategic areas—Visibility and Impact, Funding, and Field-Building—and identifying specific actions for cross-sector advancement of the field. 

A Shared Endeavor: Arts Education for America鈥檚 Students
The inequity of access to quality arts education must be addressed.
A Shared Endeavor

Americans for the Arts recently joined 12 arts and education advocacy groups to release A Shared Endeavor: Arts Education for America’s Students.

This statement articulates the purpose and value of arts education in the balanced curriculum of all students, asserts its place as a core academic subject area, and details how sequential arts learning can be supported by rigorous national standards and assessments.

The model is predicated on the convergence the skills and expertise of several members of the arts education ecosystem: arts educators, community arts organizations and non-arts educators.