The arts are part of everyone's everyday life, though it’s not always easy to see or understand. That's why Americans for the Arts has begun a new three-year initiative called Transforming America's Communities Through the Arts - to help everyone from parents and school teachers to CEOs and mayors to understand the transformative powers of the arts.

Over the course of 2015–2017, Transforming America’s Communities Through the Arts will help us achieve that visibility for the power of the arts in America’s communities.

Americans for the Arts is collecting a number of our programs—some brand new and some you already know and love—into the Transforming America's Communities through the Arts initiative. We will share vivid stories on how the arts strengthen the positive work other sectors are doing in communities across America. We will also increase visibility for the impact of the arts—in our economy, our lives, and our communities. Transforming America's Communities will act as the umbrella initiative for some dozen upcoming action projects, such as the New Community Visions Initiative, the State Policy Pilot Program, and the National Initiative for Arts & Health in the Military. And with your help, we will continue to use the arts as a tool to build healthy, vibrant, equitable communities.

The framework of Transforming America’s Communities for the Arts closely follows the strategic goals of Americans for the Arts and will employ five major strategies:

  1. convening local, state, and national leaders in more than 100 locations nationwide; 
  2. expanding partnerships between the for-profit, nonprofit, and government sectors;
  3. creating positive cultural policy change at the federal, state and local levels;
  4. mobilizing decision-makers and stakeholders with facts, compelling research and models of dynamic community problem solving utilizing the power of the arts; and
  5. integrating artists and arts p九龙高手水心论坛精选 as thought leaders into key decision-making efforts.

More information on Transforming America's Communities Through the Arts, including comments from president and CEO Robert L. Lynch, are available in the press release.