The following is a crowdsourced list of consultants and organizations working at the intersection of the arts and diversity/equity/inclusion either through consultation or trainings. It is presented without evaluation as a community resource, and being listed on this list does not imply recommendation by Americans for the Arts. If you have questions or comments on—or corrections to!—this list, please email Clay Lord at If you would like to add a consultancy or organization that isn’t listed here, please visit our submission form here.

Carmen Morgan

Annie E. Casey Foundation

The D5 Coalition

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

The Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group

Race Forward
Race Forward

Hard Conversations: An Introduction to Racism

Nanci Luna Jimenez
Luna Jimenez Siminars and Associates

Basecamp Group: Race Equity in Arts Leadership Cohort

Kalima Rose

Jeremy Liu

Nick Slie
Race Peace (MUGABEE/Mondo)

Penumbra Theater (in St. Paul)

Carlton Turner
AlternateROOTS/Mondo Bizzaro


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